“How do people navigate this without you?  Thank You! Thank You!  Your clarity and thoughtfulness are so appreciated You go the extra miles to take care of others so thoroughly”    Oshkosh Client


This understandably becomes a confusing and stressful subject for many as they approach age 65-I enjoy simplifying and helping people through the process.  Some important questions that I can help you answer are:

-When and How do I sign up for Medicare?

     If you are already collecting Social Security your card will automatically be sent to you about 3 months before your 65th birth month, if not you have to apply through the Social Security administration.

-Should I keep my (or my spouse’s) employer based plan?

     It is good to crunch the numbers on that.  If your employer plan appears better I will be sure to tell you that...and look forward to the chance to work with you in the future when you retire!

-What is the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements?

     A Supplement plan supplements basic Medicare.  An Advantage plan replaces, or you might say sub-contracts for, basic Medicare.  I work with both.

-What are parts A, B, C, and D and do I need all of them?

     A & B are basic Medicare- inpatient and outpatient coverage (not 100%).  C is Medicare Advantage. D is perscription drug coverage.

-Which company is best and why?

     We are not supposed to use the word "best" smiley but do work with many very good companies.  From there, it really comes down to your health, finances, and preferences.


I am a longtime Ripon resident and a Wisconsin native.  We are an independent family office working with multiple companies.  We have helped hundreds of people just like you make the transition to Medicare.

I promise you that if you give me 1 hour of your time I will save you many hours of reading through junk mail and the headaches that come with trying to figure Medicare out on your own.  We regularly do Medicare programs at the Ripon Library and Oshkosh Mercy hospital.

Please call Ray at (920) 233-0033 or email at  Fax number:  920-350-7023 


Thank you for going above and beyond. Thank you for all the time you spent on the phone.”   Oshkosh Client

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