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"Rule #1 Never Lose Money.  Rule #2 Never Forget Rule #1"-Warren Buffet


RETIREMENT PLANNING is an ongoing process that considers multiple important aspects of your real and possible financial life.  Areas of consideration include: preservation & growth of assets, income planning(including longevity concerns), long term care concerns, impact of spousal loss, Medicare, Legal planning*, taxes*, etc.

We seek to assist and educate you as you prepare for and enjoy this phase of your life.  Good, open communication is vital to the success and enjoyment of this process.  It starts on the first phone call and continues regularly (that is actually true) with those who become our clients.


ASSET GROWTH is a big part of what we do.  We believe that growth is best achieved on the foundation of two well established principles: avoid losses & eliminate fees.  We therefore focus on principal protected growth vehicles.  These asset classes also avoid annual fees.  These principles lead not only to financial advantage, but also to the significant benefit of peace of mind.

Our clients have experienced very attractive growth during up years in markets and 100% preservation of account values (the principal & credited growth) during market corrections.  We also use fixed return assets as an attractive alternative to the low yields at banks.


MEDICARE is one beneficial milestone of aging!  The challenge however is figuring it out.  We start by learning a little bit about your circumstances and then explaining to you the two main options: (1) Medicare Advantage Plans and (2) Medicare Supplements.


If you will give us the chance we can save you a lot of time and frustration by answering your questions and helping you to sort it all out.  


*We are not attorneys or CPA’s and therefore only acknowledge and touch on these matters in a general sense but are not able to advise or give specific direction.  We often communicate with your qualified representatives in these areas.


"I am so glad we did this.  It is doing exactly what I hoped it would do.  I love knowing that our money is so safe but we have still been getting good growth. Tennessee Client


"We love working with you, you do answer our questions and you do keep in touch with us.  I told my husband you're so different than the other guy we talked to.  I said I'll take Ray any day." Berlin Client

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